ME chickens

Vikki Scovell lives on the top of a Windy Welsh Borders Hilltop with her (alas carniverous) partner Tom, his hungry son Sam, her daughters Appleblossom and Honey, six rescue cats, a greedy brown labrador and way too many chickens.  If she is not at work or in the kitchen, she will probably be in the garden or the veg patch.  

Vikki has worked in the fitness industry for fifteen years, specializing in healthy eating and trying to inspire people to love working out and eating well.  

Vikki has been vegetarian for more than 30 years, and has recently become Vegan; she can't understand why she didn't do it before, and is confident that when people learn how easy it is to create quick and easy nutritious plant-based foods, they will also want to give it a go, for a meal, a day a week, or maybe even forever.......

veg garden